Adding Larger numbers of Contacts to a Group

Adding Larger numbers of Contacts to a Group

There are lots of methods available for adding contacts to a group.  Most of these are great and work while for small numbers of contacts.  What do you do when you want to add thousands of contacts though? In we provide a rich search and filtering tool on the Advanced Search page. To get to this page click on the Search page in the top menu and then select the 'Advanced' option in the Top RHS.

There are a lot of filtering options available in the search page.  In the example below we are making a simple filter for only contacts which have a current deal.  In the example two of the contacts have been manually selected.  When there is a manual selection of contacts the Join Group menu will show up on the LHS (not shown) BUT if you wanted to send all of the contact results then we provide the 'Send To Group' button at the bottom of the results.  This comes with a warning - It will send ALL of the contacts - not just the visible page of results.

Search Results

When you click on the 'Send To Group' button you will be presented with the Add Group popup window.  You can choose to create a new group or add the contacts to an existing group.

Add to Group

For large numbers of contacts adding to an existing group can take a little while to process.  Please be patient.

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