Adding an image to your signature

Adding an image to your signature

Perhaps you would like to add your company logo or a picture of you? The first thing you need to do is make sure the image is a good size for emails, anything wider than 600 pixels is too wide.  Also check that the quality of the image is acceptable.  No one is going to be impressed with an image that is distorted or looks like it was only 20 pixels wide before you scaled it up.

Okay, so you have the image you want to add to your signature? Good.  Now lets add it to your personalised signature.

Step 1 - Open your member profile.

There are two places you can edit your email signature, firstly via the setup wizard and the other via the admin > members section.  Either will work the same.  If you are using the Members section, edit the member you wish to modify the signature for.  At the bottom of the member is the signature editor.

 Signature Editor
Signature Editor

Step 2 - Open the Image Properties Dialog box

To add an image to the signature click on the image button image button in the above toolbar.

Add Image Properties Dialog box
Add Image dialog box

From the Image Properties Dialog box above click on the 'Browse Server' button.

Step 3 - Open the Asset Manager

This will open the Asset Manager in a new window.  The asset manager allows you to add new images or select from existing images.  Depending upon your browser support, you can drag and drop files from your computer on to the Asset Manager to upload.  Otherwise just use the built-in upload function.

Asset Manager
Asset Manager

Once you have selected or uploaded the image you want to use just double click on the image to bring it back to the previous editor.

Profile Image added

Import Notes

Avoid resizing the image in the image properties window as this isn't actually reducing the size of the file just scaling it with CSS styling.  If you need to reduce the size significantly it would be better to resize it using photo editing software.  Always remember that each image you add to your email increases the overall size of the resulting message and no body likes to download really large emails.

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